Benefits and side effects of eating mangoes??

Friends, mango is called the king of fruits, the world-famous Indian mango is known for its taste and qualities, in which there are more than 12 varieties of mangoes in the whole of India. With their special taste and medicinal properties and being economical is the reason for being the king of fruits.

It is delicious to eat as well as it contains many anti-oxidants which are very useful for our health. Mango contains a lot of fiber tag team and vitamin C which reduces cholesterol in the blood. The potassium and magnesium present in mango regulate our blood pressure, mango helps to protect us from many diseases.

Mango contains many enzymes that increase our digestive power, eating mango increases the immunity of our body in which many diseases get rid of mango, it also protects us from heat.

Benefits of eating mango

There are many benefits from eating mangoes, which is not possible to count, but here we are going to tell you about some important benefits of eating mangoes.

1. Benefits of mango in cancer treatment

Mango is found to have antioxidant properties in the treatment of cancer, which reduces the risk of colon cancer. Mango contains elements like cursetin, astragalin and fisetin which are used in the treatment of cancer.

2. Benefits of mangoes in cholesterol

Mango contains a lot of fiber and vitamin C which lowers the cholesterol in the blood, so it is beneficial to consume mango regularly for anyone who has a problem related to cholesterol.

3. Benefits of mangoes for eyes

Eating mango removes eye dryness and increases eyesight. Mango also contains Vitamin-A, which is very good for the eyes.

4. Benefits of mangoes for skin

Vitamin C is found in plenty in mangoes for the skin, which is very good for the skin, eating mango makes the skin beautiful and improves the skin by applying mango pulp pack to the skin.

5. Mangoes benefits for digestive system

Eating mangoes strengthens our digestive system. A lot of enzymes are found in mangoes that improve our digestion, if mangoes are consumed regularly. Along with our digestive power mangoes beneficial for many diseases related to stomach.

6. Benefits of mangoes To increase immunity

Mango has a wealth of nutrients along with taste, it contains a lot of vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, which helps our body to protect it from many diseases. Strengthens immunity.

7. Mangoes benefits in sexual health

Eating mango increase sex capacity because mango contains Vitamin-e which helps to increase sex capacity in the body.

8. Benefits of mangoes for mind

Mango helps to increase memory power Mango contains acid called Kultamin which keeps the mind clean and increases memory power

9. Mango benefits in summer

Mango is more available during summer season to protect against heat. By regularly consuming it, it keeps us from heat and mango does not cause heatstroke.

Side-effect of eating mangoes

In this way, there are many benefits of eating mangoes, but the consumption of mangoes in excess or in the wrong way or at the wrong time can also harm our health.

It is better for people who are suffering from diabetes to consume mangoes very rarely or not because it can increase their sugar levels. Mango is found in very high amounts of sugar which can be harmful.

Excessive consumption of mangoes can lead to complaints related to stomach, excessive intake of mangoes can cause diarrhea.

Excess consumption of mangoes can also result in weight gain.

Some people may also have allergies from eating mango because mango has a lot of calories, consumption of mango can also cause allergic itching etc.


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